Launching Climate Just #2 in London's Living Room

Wednesday 10th January, 2018

Details of the launch event for the new version of Climate Just have now been confirmed and booking is now open. The event will take place on Friday 16th February at the Greater London Authority's City Hall in London. The event is being hosted by the London Climate Change Partnership (LCCP) and will be held in the prestigious London's Living Room. The morning session (10.30am - 12.30) will consist of presentations and discussion and the afternoon (1 - 3pm) will include a brief introduction to the new tool and a small group challenge. There will be a launch reception afterwards from 3-4pm. 

Speakers in the morning include Kristen Guida from LCCP, Katharine Knox (formerly JRF), Prof Sarah Lindley from the University of Manchester and Paul Sayers from Sayers and Partners LLP, who collectively will set the scene, describe the journey from research into the creation of an online tool and conclude with the findings from a new study into flood risk, vulnerability and disadvantage. A Q&A panel will enable participants to quiz the speakers and debate the issues raised.

In the afternoon there will be a brief introduction to using the new tool and then a hands-on session where all participants can try it out in practice (participants need to bring their own laptop).

This event will be of interest to public service providers who have responsibilities for climate change, extreme weather, vulnerable communities, public health, flooding, housing, social care, environment, spatial and emergency planning.

Book a space online here.