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Local Climate Impacts Profile (LCLIP)

Designed to support the UKCIP Climate Adaptation Wizard, this tool supports the assessment of past weather-related events and their impacts as a basis for understanding the possible impacts of future weather-related events.


Guidance and Spreadsheets

Community Resilience Toolkit

Aimed at local communities and the organisations working with them, this set of resources supports the process of understanding local needs and developing emergency plans based on those needs

Cabinet Office (UK)


Reports, checklists and case studies

Severe Weather Impacts Monitoring System (SWIMS)

A data collection tool to encourage learning around the impacts of and responses to past extreme weather events as the basis for improved future decision-making.

Kent County Council

Online Tool

Example of guidance given to tenants

What happens if my privately rented house is flooded?

What happens if my privately rented house is so badly damaged by flooding that I can’t live there?

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Online Guidance

Selective licensing for local authorities A good practice guide


Online Guidance (downloadable)

Leaflet about the benefits of greening aimed at social landlords


Online Guidance (downloadable leaflet)

Adapting UK dwellings to reduce overheating during heatwaves: Retrofit Advice Tool (CREW)

Aimed at designers, decision makers and householders to support the assessment of options for retrofitting homes based on property type and characteristics.

Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development (IESD) and De Montfort University.


Adapting Buildings

Online Tool

Housing Health and Safety Rating System Guidance for Landlords and Property Related Professionals, 2006


Department for Communities and Local Government


The Heatwave plan for England 2013 contains advice for a range of practitioners and the public:

Looking after yourself and others during hot weather – The latest advice

Supporting vulnerable people before and during a heatwave – Advice for health and social care professionals

Public Health England

Advice for different groups

A range of materials useful to help tenants become better prepared for flooding

National Flood Forum


Legal Rights and Duties relating to flooding for property owners

Covers the legal framework, frequently asked questions and a set of further resources

UK Environmental Law Association (UKELA)

Online summary of points of environmental law



Case studies and stories




Type of Resource

Personal story of the impact of flooding

Whittle et al. (2010)


Werritty, Houston, Ball, Tavendale and Black (2007), University of Dundee for Scottish Executive Exploring the Social Impacts of Flood Risk and Flooding in Scotland

“I found that my insurance was quick and everything. I mean, I know ones in my street that are council houses. They were waiting for months and months and months. Our insurance company got them in right away and started on the job”. [Glasgow]

Werrity et al. (2007)

Quote (p49)

“It’s the fact of … where are you going? You know, you’re going out your house and there’s nothing organised where you’re gonna go, what’s gonna happen to you or anything like that”. [Elgin]


Quote (p50)

Greater Manchester Local Climate Impacts Profile


Online example of an LCLIP

Starting up a flood action group, Flood Action4 Buckingham

An example of one of the 160+ flood action groups supported which bring communities together, support people through the preparation process and provide a point of contact for the variety of agencies that help to manage flooding

ClimateJust team with Roger Parkinson

Internal case study

Flood action groups

Community flood warden scheme – Doncaster

How communities and service providers in Doncaster were able to learn from flooding events in 2007 in order to develop a community flood warden scheme in affected areas.

ClimateJust team with Rosalind McDonagh, Doncaster Borough Council

Internal case study

Community Flood Warden Schemes

Case study of adapting social housing

Includes information about the process followed for identifying priorities and formulating plans for adapting a 4000 strong housing stock

Octavia Housing

Online case study (external)