Climate Just encouraging early use, but technical glitches for some

Tuesday 14th April, 2015

The Climate Just website has been visited by over 6,000 people since it was launched two months ago (4th February 2015) and over 700 have watched the 4 minute introductory video. There has also been a regular stream of enquiries from a wide range of interested parties, including academics, students, local authority officers, charities and utility companies.

There was a huge spike of usage on the launch day which was very encouraging, but this exceeded the daily use limit on the Ordnance Survey base map which is used by the Map Tool and hence some users were unable to view the maps properly. Since then usage has settled down to a more consistent level and this particular problem has not re-occurred. We are getting occasional feedback from some people about not being able to view the Map Tool properly, but this seems to be down to users' IT rather than the site itself (operating systems and browsers, internet connection speeds, wi-fi capacity, etc.)

Our general advice if you are experiencing such problems is to check your operating system and browser - the Map Tool will not work properly if you are using Windows XP for instance (which is no longer supported by Microsoft), or are using an old version of Internet Explorer. You can try updating your browser to a newer version e.g. Internet Explorer 11, or try using a different browser like Google Chrome. Zooming in to neighbourhood level on the maps does require lots of data transfer so you might see the term 'loading' repeatedly if you are on a slow internet connection. You may wish to ask your IT service for advice. Do let us know via the Contact page on the site if such problems persist.