What actions support resilience?

It is widely acknowledged that preparing for climate change needs to involve local communities to be fully effective, but there are a number of complex reasons why local engagement can be challenging and difficult to achieve. There is much that can be learned from what is already being done to address the social impacts of climate change and to build more resilient communities. Developing and implementing plans of early actions can do much to avoid the most extreme impacts on communities. Actions are often not new or onerous and can be taken alongside existing activities.

This resource outlines the types of actions which can be undertaken to build community resilience, and resilience more widely. You can find out more details by following the links below. Many actions cut across different roles and responsibilities inside and outside local authorities, and are associated with a range of professional roles. Other actions are more specific to particular groups and the professionals who work with them. There are links to examples of what is being done already, and ideas about how you can replicate these activities in your local area.

Keeping cool on the London Underground during a heatwave © Environment Agency