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Adaptation and community engagement tools and resources



Type of Resource

Flooding and Coastal Change – Resources for England

Portal containing information on sources of information for different groups in Scotland.

Environment Agency and Government Departments


Flooding - Resources and Research for Scotland

Portal containing information on sources of information for different groups in Scotland.

Scottish Government (2018)


Wales Resilience

Risks We Face / Y risgiau. Online document on risks in Wales and sources of information to help communities with various risks, including severe weather and flooding

Wales Resilience Forum and the Local Resilience Forums of North Wales, South Wales, Dyfed-Powys and Gwent.


Development Advice Map (DAM)

Tool to assist with the identification of areas at risk of flooding for the purposes of land-use planning in Wales. Part of a wider geoportal.

Natural Resources Wales

Map tool

Adaptation Scotland Tools and Resource web pages

A set of resources together with a guiding process aimed at a range of audiences including the public sector, businesses and communities to help support adaptation and building resilience. Tools can be searched according to sector, stage and resource type.

Adaptation Scotland

Resource pack/compilation

Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE)

A set of resources for local action with a global reach. It covers case studies, tools and a Don’t Panic guide to getting started on your Adaptation Journey.

EcoAdapt and Island Press

Resource pack/compilation

UKCP18 Projections

The UKCP18 project will update the UKCP09 projections over UK land areas and update UKCP09 projections of sea-level rise, giving greater regional detail, further analysis of the risks we face, both nationally and globally, and provide more information on potential extremes and impacts of climate change.


Data and mapping

Local Climate Impacts Profile (LCLIP)

This tool supports the assessment of past weather events and their impacts as a basis for understanding the possible impacts of future weather events linked to a changing climate.


Guidance and Spreadsheets

Community Resilience Toolkit

Aimed at local communities and the organisations working with them, this set of resources supports the process of understanding local needs and developing emergency plans based on those needs

Cabinet Office (UK)


Reports, checklists and case studies

National Flood Forum

Information about property level adaptations and other ways to build flood resilience, including the Blue Pages directory of available services and products. These should be read in conjunction with the Environment Agency’s own guidance

National Flood Forum


Volunteer Scotland

National centre for volunteering supported by the Scottish Government for research, support, knowledge and tools

Volunteer Scotland


Volunteering Wales

National centre for volunteering supported by the Welsh Government for research, support, knowledge and tools

Volunteering Wales


National Centre for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)

Community resources for the volunteering sector. Around one third of volunteering groups are members. NCVO hosts a range of practical resources



National Standards for Community Engagement

A set of good-practice principles for supporting effective community engagement in Scotland. Updated in 2015/6. Supported by the Scottish Government.

Voice Scotland




Case studies and stories



Type of Resource

Starting up a flood action group, Flood Action4 Buckingham

An example of one of the 160+ flood action groups supported which bring communities together, support people through the preparation process and provide a point of contact for the variety of agencies that help to manage flooding

Climate Just project team with Roger Parkinson

Internal case study

Flood action groups

Community flood warden scheme – Doncaster

How communities and service providers in Doncaster were able to learn from flooding events in 2007 in order to develop a community flood warden scheme in affected areas.

Climate Just project team with Rosalind McDonagh, Doncaster Borough Council

Internal case study

Community Flood Warden Schemes

Climate Action Project (Lower Kersal and Spike Island)

Raising awareness of climate change and improving community engagement in an urban neighbourhood


Salford City Council 

Council report (online)

Practical action to build resilience: the Good Life initiative in York

Provides practical ideas on how to engage communities on climate change to build their resilience

Steve Cinderby

Case Study (internal)

NCVO’s vulnerable people and climate change programme on working with the voluntary and community sector


Kate Lonsdale

Case study (internal)


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