Introducing Climate Just to Scotland and Wales

Tuesday 19th December, 2017

Two events have been organised to introduce the Climate Just resources to Scotland and Wales for the first time. This follows on from the recent research into flood risk, vulnerability and disadvantage (a UK assessment) carried out by Sayers and Partners LLP for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation completed this summer. The data and maps are being incorporated into the Climate Just map tool and will include Scotland and Wales, incorporate climate change projections (as well as current risk) and be at a finer resolution.

Each event will feature introductory presentations from the project team and key Scottish and Welsh stakeholders, along with opportunities to discuss climate justice and disadvantage before a hands-on preview and training session in the afternoon.

Space is limited at each venue so pre-booking is required via the links below:

Introducing Climate Just in Scotland, Wed 31st January 2018, Glasgow Training Rooms

Introducing Climate Just in Wales, Fri 9th February 2018, Cardiff Metropolitan University