What are the benefits and drawbacks associated with the maps in the Climate Just resource?


The maps in this resource have been developed based on a review of current thinking and related evidence about the causes of uneven impacts on people’s well-being from climate change and extreme weather events. More information about the basis for the mapping work can be found in the section exploring where the most disadvantaged communities are in relation to climate impacts and extreme weather events.


Section 2, above,  identifies some of the main benefits of the maps.


See Section 3 for more information about the limitations of the maps. It also summarises the main difficulties with measuring socio-spatial vulnerability and climate disadvantage. These must be considered by anyone using the map data. See Lindley et al. (2011) for a detailed review of limitations.1


  1. Lindley, S. J., O'Neill, J., Kandeh, J., Lawson, N., Christian, R. and O'Neill., M (2011) Climate change, justice and vulnerability. Joseph Rowntree Foundation.