New content added

Monday 11th July, 2016

New and updated content continues to be added to the Climate Just website to help increase its value for users. In the last few weeks, the content on Carbon Emissions and Fuel Poverty has been reviewed and updated by the Centre for Sustainable Energy to reflect the changes in energy policy over the last year and to incorporate more recent fuel poverty data. 

A number of new case studies are being worked on to add to the library of existing case studies. The following have been added so far:

  1. Flood resilience community pathfinder in Liverpool
  2. Building community resilience to flooding in Hampshire
  3. Social housing retrofit for energy and overheating in London
  4. Sustainable housing scheme incorporating SuDS in York

A large number of broken links have also been fixed. The site includes around 1,000 links to external websites so inevitably some of these change over time as other organisations update their own websites. If you do encounter any broken links, please do let us know so we can get them fixed.