Climate change, justice and vulnerability

Lindley, S., O’Neill, J., Kandeh, J., Lawson, N., Christian, R. And O’Neill, M. (2011) Joseph Rowntree Foundation, York.

This study for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, was one of the foundation publications for the development of the Climate Just website and map tool. The report:
- provides a guide for analysing social vulnerability to the impacts of climate change;
- shows how we can learn from past UK flooding and heatwave events to measure socio-spatial vulnerabilities and map geographical distributions of climate disadvantage; and
- supports the integration of the demands of social justice into climate adaptation planning.

Data are presented in the report for 2001 and the data for 2011 are available in the Climate Just mapping tool for England. A follow-up study has been carried out for Scotland, funded by the Scottish Government. Further information about the findings of the work is available elsewhere in the Climate Just website.





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