Adaptation Workbook

Developed by: Adaptation Scotland (2013)

Adaptation Scotland's Climate Change Adaptation workbook is aimed at public bodies in Scotland and the work that they are required to do in connection with the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009. It provides a step-by-step approach to developing a planned response to the threats and opportunities presented by climate change. Each step on the journey is divided up into manageable sections, each of which need to be worked through.

The workbook is divided into five phases of work, each includes relevant worksheets and practical exercises. Each section is covered by a short briefing worksheet; and they combine various levels - from a short introduction to a more detailed working through of adaptation. It also draws together other existing tools and where they are appropriate when working through this process.

The resource includes worked examples in which users are encouraged to think about what adaptation might mean for equality. There is also a dedicated worksheet to ensure that users work through identifying the needs of vulnerable groups.

The workbook is not intended to be prescriptive; organisations are encouraged to use the elements that are most suitable for their needs. It emphasises that climate resilience is about more than climate change and is important for ensuring longer term sustainability. This is important for considering inter-generational justice.