Index of Multiple Deprivations (IMD)

The official measure of relative deprivation for neighbourhoods in England.  

Indirect emissions

Carbon emissions resulting indirectly from an individual’s purchase of goods or services. For example, through purchasing a book, an individual can be thought of as being responsible for the emissions resulting from the manufacture of the book, as well as the emissions created by shipping the book. In the case of services, a hair salon uses energy in heating, lighting and appliances, and the salon’s clients, by buying haircuts, can be considered responsible for these emissions. Emissions from transport services such as taxis and flights are considered direct emissions, rather than indirect emissions.

Intergenerational justice

Intergenerational justice concerns the ways in which burdens, benefits and responsibilities are distributed across generations. In the context of climate change problems of intergenerational injustice are raised by the extent to which future generations will be harmed by the extreme climate impacts that result from current emissions.